We have received several requests for the addresss to send donations so I will post it here -


The Ben Fund

HSBC, Latham Office

494 Troy Schenectady Rd

Latham , NY 12110

Upcoming Events  

      We have been blessed with an amazing community that has wrapped our family in their arms and are supporting us in this journey. As anyone who has gone through a major medical event in the US will tell you bills pop up here and there and often are for rather large and unexpected amounts. At the behest and advice of our friends we established the Ben Fund at HSBC to give them an opportunity to assist us.It is this fund that has enabled us to not worry about the costs associated with Ben's care and treatments.


At one point it was unclear whether or not our insurance would cover a chemotherapy treatment that seemed promising. Because of the Ben Fund we were able to say to the doctor, "If you think this will work we will find a way to pay for it." She responded by saying, "I don't like my patients families to risk losing their homes." We replied, "Let us worry about that. We have an amazing community of friends and family that will not let that happen. We need to focus on the best treatments for Ben."


On this page you will find the events that the Caring Friends and Family of Ben Stowell have put together. We give them permission and help them when and where we can. They are our inspiration.


Blue Creek 3rd Graders' Cookbook for Ben

   Many of you have been asking us about the cookbook that the entire 3rd at Blue Creek is putting together for Ben. I am not sure where the idea came from, but, the kids are really excited about it. I have heard several cute stories about the children working with their parents to come up with recipes. The last time I checked there were close to 200 recipes. The deadline(2/20) is tight so the books can be received before Mother’s Day. The best way to submit the recipes is via the web. Go to http://www.morriscookbooks.com and select “typensave ONLINE” on the right hand side of the page. Select the “login” button and a login screen will open. In the Contributor line put your name as you will want it to appear in the cookbook – i.e.“Stowell Family””Ben Stowell”. The Group Login is bluecreek and the password is hmu5a at that point select ADD Recipe and the rest is self explanatory. If you wish to purchase copies of the cookbook there is a form in the information on the events page to send in to the school. The final cost of the cookbook will depend on the size of the cookbook and the number ordered. It is estimated that the cookbook will be $10-15 when it is completed.


  If you own a business and would like to place an ad in the cookbook or wish to place a message in it you can call 518-785-7451 for further information.


  You can reserve one or more copies of the cookbook for yourself or as gifts at this time. It is anticipated that you will receive your cookbook by Mother's Day. The folks putting this on can guaranteee that everyone who reserves a cookbook will receive one. Extra cookbooks will be ordered and will be sold on a fist come first served basis. In order to reserve the cookbook please send a note including your name, address, phone number and the number of cookbooks you would like to:

Cookbook for Ben

c/o Blue Creek Elementary School

100 Clinton Rd.

Latham, NY 12110

  The deadline for reservations at this point is 2/20/09. I will double check with the organizers to make sure of the date.